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Tel: (01526) 860317 Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm Sat: 9am - 12pm Contact us | Our location

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From the smallest LT85 to the largest LM208, all Flatbed models are built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf sprung suspension.

Normally supplied with twin axles. Tri-axle options are available on our LM6 and LM7 series models (except LM106 & LM127). The LM206, LM207 and LM208 are only available as tri-axle trailers.

With the addition of a winch, rear prop stands and either loading skids or the full-width ramp (1.83m/6’ in length), the versatile flatbed can be used to carry loads such as small plant, ride-on mowers, mixers, shredders, rollers and a multitude of mobile plant equipment.

A new addition to the range is the LM208, this is the largest Flatbed trailer.

The LM208 tri-axle trailer has all the normal features of an Ifor Williams Trailer but has the capacity to transport up to 10 portable toilets.

This trailer is available with handrails for the operators’ convenience and safety when loading.

Alternatively the trailer can be used as a conventional trailer, with or without sides and with its large size the trailer offers great flexibility, including the ability to transport 6m lengths of materials or any large yet relatively light load.


Standard Equipment

Optional Extras

Technical Specifications

Model Platform Width Platform Length Loading Height Dropside Height
LT/LM85 1525mm/5' 2440mm/8' 620mm/2' 352mm/1'2"
LT/LM105 1680mm/5'5" 3010mm/9'9" 620mm/2' 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LT/LM106 1980mm/6'5" 3010mm/9'9" 620mm/2' 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LT/LM125 1680mm/5'5" 3620mm/11'10" 620mm/2' 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LT/LM126 1980mm/6'5" 3620mm/11'10" 620mm/2' 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LM127 2250mm/7'4" 3620mm/11'10" 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LT/LM146 1980mm/6'5" 4230mm/13'10" 620mm/2' 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LM147 2250mm/7'4" 4230mm/13'10" 640mm/2'1" 352mm/1'2"
LM166 1980mm/6'5" 4770mm/15'8" 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM167 2250mm/7'4" 4770mm/15'8" 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM186 1980mm/6'5" 5470mm/17'11" 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM187 2250mm/7'4" 5470mm/17'11" 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM206 1980mm/6'5" 6100mm/20' 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM207 2250mm/7'4" 6100mm/20' 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"
LM208 2550mm/8' 6100mm/20' 670mm/2'2" 352mm/1'2"