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Introducing the Horsebox trailer range from Ifor Williams New addition to there range is the new Generation HBX and the HBE for more information please check out the information page. Our horsebox trailers are renowned the world over. They will run along side of the existing Models the HB403, HB506 and HB511, plus our 3500kg gross weight options, the HB510XL, HB610 and the Eventa trailer. Click on the images below for further details.

As a single horsebox, the HB403 provides more stall width than our double horsebox models and offers enough headroom to take one 16.2hh horse. Being a narrower trailer, the HB403 is easier to tow and produces less wind resistance when towing.

The HB506 model is suitable for two horses up to 16.2hh. HB506 models feature a pair of side windows and a larger front inspection window, allowing more daylight into the trailer.

For owners with larger horses, the HB511 is likely to be the natural choice. Being longer and wider than the HB506, the HB511 is suitable for carrying two horses up to 17.2hh.

The HB510XL comes with a headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom’s door as standard.

With its 14’ internal length the HB510XL offers either a range of telescopic partitions, suitable for ponies*, or a single centre partition allowing two horses to face forward.

The HB610 has a headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom’s door fitted as standard.

As with the HB510XL, the HB610 has a maximum gross weight of 3500kg.

The HBE is a welcome and much requested addition to our HB family of trailers. This new model has a deeper GRP roof moulding and clean line styling. With no front ramp, it has been engineered to give a high strength to weight ratio. This design will appeal to our more cost conscious customer and also customers with lighter towing vehicles with a GVW of 2000kg

Introducing the HBX, a superbly engineered range of horsebox trailers with an all-aluminium body and streamlined roof design. It boasts a host of innovative new features offering outstanding comfort for the horse and remarkable ease of use and versatility for the user/ owner. Its soft curves and unique floating roof design merge together to offer stunning lines, complemented further by the large and stylish front window.