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Tel: (01526) 860317 Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm Sat: 9am - 12pm Contact us | Our location

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General Duty

GD trailers are built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis with fixed front and side panels.

These panels are constructed from formed galvanized steel and are supported by galvanized steel channel sections.

The general Duty range is offered in width options from 1.23m/4’ to 1.71m/5’6" (internal width), and length options from 1.84m/6’ to 3.71m/12’2".

All models are fitted with the Scott Trailers beam axle and leaf sprung suspension and either a tailboard or rear ramp with assistor.

Our General Duty trailers are available with a number of axle options and a maximum gross weight ranging from 1400kg to 2700kg.


Standard Equipment

Optional Extras

Technical Specifications

Model Internal Width Platform Length Loading Height Side Panel Height
GD64 1255mm/4'1" 1890mm/6'2" 0.43m/1'4" 0.4m/1'3"
GD84 1255mm/4'1" 2500mm/8'2" 0.43m/1'4" 0.4m/1'3"
GD85 1580mm/5'2" 2500mm/8'2" 0.43m/1'4" 0.4m/1'3"
GD105 1580mm/5'2" 3115mm/10'2" 0.43m/1'4" 0.4m/1'3"
GD106 1770mm/5'9" 3115mm/10'2" 0.48m/1'6" 0.4m/1'3"
GD125 1580mm/5'2" 3730mm/12'2" 0.43m/1'4" 0.4m/1'3"
GD126 1770mm/5'9" 3730mm/12'2" 0.48m/1'6" 0.4m/1'3"